Architectural Inspiration – Rainscreen Cladding Case Studies

Car Parks using Rainscreen Cladding

From baguette screens between each floor to provide natural ventilation and daylight, to lightweight aluminium and textured PPC finishes reduce cost, installation time and the structural load of the building, we can provide you with the exact look, finish and quality you want using a range of rainscreen cladding systems.

Schools, colleges and universities using Rainscreen Cladding

From Sotech Optima FC Secret Fix rainscreen panels that can be designed to alter in appearance depending on the angle and time of day viewed (see Staffordshire University below), to Sotech Optima IPC Interlocking Pressed Plank rainscreen  with a PVF2 finish to protect the building against the elements (Leeds University below), we can bring your design to life for a beautiful but long lasting finish with low maintenance.

Residential builds using Rainscreen Cladding

From Optima TFC cladding engineered to integrate seamlessly with all other building façade elements such as windows, doors and louvres (see Chettles Yard Student Accommodation below) to advanced project management skills needed to provide 3 different systems and 6 different colours over multiple phases of the development (see Loughbrough Park Estates below) we can work with you from start to finish.

Hospital, healthcare facilities and research centres using Rainscreen Cladding

From the Optima FC Secret Fix system with a PPC finish to allow for bespoke RAL colours including Salmon RAL: LX17716, Bluish Grey RAL: LX17715, Champagne RAL: LX17713 and Mid Beige RAL: LX17717 (see Farnham Road below) to column casings specifically designed to be rigid enough to withstand the weight of window cleaning baskets running up and down the building (see Hull Royal Infirmary below), we can rise to any architectural challenge!

Rainscreen Cladding used in the travel sector

From precision coordination that provides 360-degree panoramic views around the airport without visible fixings (see Manchester Air Traffic Control Tower) to roofs that bend in three different directions, requiring different types of shaped and tapered aluminium sheets to build a ‘roller coaster’ style shape (see Liverpool South Parkway Interchange below), we can work closely with you to use the very latest 3D CAD equipment for precision engineering and stress testing to meet the tight tolerances required.

Hotels using Rainscreen Cladding

Office builds using Rainscreen Cladding

From Optima FC secret fix rainscreen panels that require a new manufacturing technique create the longer length ACM panels (up to 5.2 metres, which is well above industry average) (see B Sky B below) to a specialised, bespoke carrier rail designed to ensure your system works effectively within an extremely limited clad zone (also B Sky B below), we can work with you to manufacture the look, feel and finish you require for your unique project.

Refurbs using Rainscreen Cladding

From a modern anodised silver finish, which breathes new life into an original concrete framed building (see Park View below) to the incorporation of a new air flow extraction system with bespoke bronze anodised Optima TFC cassette panels and anodised Optima FC secret-fix panels (see Paradise Street below) we can work with you to manufacture the desired aesthetic and performance requirements for your refurb project.

Cinemas, shopping centres and retail complexes using Rainscreen Cladding

From the complex geometry of bespoke feature panels forming curved and sloping bullnoses requiring sophisticated 3D modelling software (see Glow, Bluewater Shopping Centre below) to Sotech Optima TFC (through-fix cassette) rainscreen cladding manufactured in 2mm aluminium 3000 series grade of alloy to increase the tensile strength and maintain the flatness of the panels to help achieve the appearance of glass (see The View, Downing Plaza below) we can work with you to present the desired effect for your building.

Museums, cinemas and theatres using Rainscreen Cladding

From a special three-coat paint system used to match specific corporate colours (see Xscape below) to visually impactful anodised Bronze in the Optima FC Rainscreen cladding that allows a secret fixed system without the use of visible fixings (see Westgate Cineworld below), we can work with you to manufacture the precise look, feel and finish needed on your unique project.

We are proud to boast a highly technical and passionate team of designers, engineers and project managers.

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