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Brentside School

Brentside School, Ealing

With cost parameters ruling out the use of pre-patinated copper for the Brentside School project, Sotech offered an alternative Optima TFC aluminium cladding panel with a pvf2 paint finish resembling the natural copper and with a very considerable cost saving.

Brentside School

The architects were delighted to have the opportunity to use a material, which allowed much greater design flexibility to cope with modular sizes, in both flat and curved form.

Pre-formed socketed window pods integrate within the façade. The detailed and accurate manufacturing techniques employed by Sotech allow the fabrication of this pre-coated material without welding.

Brentside School

Once again it is the consistent accuracy during manufacture that allows for the clean lines achieved during installation.

Installer : Kajim Construction Europe (UK)
Product : Optima TFC Through Fix Cassette Rainscreen / Window Pods
Material/Finish : Precoat Aluminium

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