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Brunel Place 2

5,500m2 of a specially designed rainscreen cladding system – a hybrid of Sotech Optima’s FC & TFC systems – has been used in the £450m regeneration of Slough town centre.

Brunel Place Rainscreen Cladding ACM

The hybrid system, which was formed to take advantage of Sotech Optima’s FC ‘intermediate hook detail’, was created in order to retain the centre of the panel and prevent/reduce deviation. The centre of the panels have a hook on arrangement with either end mechanically fixed.

Brunel Place Rainscreen Cladding ACM

The specially formulated FC/TFC hybrid system was designed with installer Dane Architectural using 3D design elements to create the parts. The engineering within this system and the detailing required would not have been possible without the use of Sotech’s 3D Software.

Brunel Place

ACM materials were used for the rainscreen panels due to the size required in order to provide optimum flatness. Due to the size required, panels had to be manufactured in two halves and bolted together as there are restrictions on sheet material sizing.

Brunel Place Rainscreen Cladding ACM

Brunel Place, which is a key part of the wider £450m Heart of Slough regeneration project, transforms a key site next to Slough train and bus stations. The project will deliver more than 1,000 homes, transport infrastructure, a civic centre, and new hotel and retail space.

Brunel Place Rainscreen Cladding ACM

Location: Slough, London

Installer: Dane

Main Contractor: Kier Construction

Architect: Sheppard Robson

System: Hybrid of Optima FC and TFC

Material: ACM

Sector: Office Space

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