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Premier Inn Aluminium Rainscreen Cladding Glasgow

Work is now complete on the Glasgow Centre Premier Inn super tower! At 18 floors high and visible from much of Glasgow’s city centre shopping spots, the 249-bedroom hotel is perfectly located for visitors to the city.

6,500m2 3mm Aluminium 3103 H14 and 6063 T6 Extruded Aluminium has been used in the impressive reclad project, in a modified version of the Sotech Optima FC Eco system.

Originally built in the early sixties and one of the first high-rise buildings in Glasgow, the 14,500 sqm project contains two distinct elements – the 3 storey podium and the 17 storey tower. The tower houses the hotel accommodation while the podium element incorporates upgraded retail accommodation on ground, first and second floor levels.

Premier Inn Aluminium Rainscreen Cladding Glasgow

In order to maintain the previous aesthetic of the building, the FC Eco system was modified to create an increased panel depth. Sotech had to completely re-engineer the panel system to allow for this increased panel depth whilst maintaining its integrity and superior flatness. As a result, the panels have been fixed to a composite panel wall build up, meaning the ECO support grid system arrangement was required due to its shallow zone requirement.

Premier Inn Aluminium Rainscreen Cladding Glasgow

Some of the panels produced for this project are circa 5.5m in length making it one of Sotech’s first solid Aluminium projects with panels larger than 4.2m.

Premier Inn Aluminium Rainscreen Cladding Glasgow

Months of F.E.A analysis was required to produce a system capable of meeting the site requirements and we are incredibly proud of the technical team for their expertise and flexibility in finding a solution to the complex challenge.

Premier Inn Aluminium Rainscreen Cladding Glasgow


Location: Glasgow

Installer: Topek Ltd

Main Contractor: Ogilvie Construction

Architect: LMA Architects


Jamie Smith, Estimator at Sotech

“This project was one of the more technically complex builds I’ve been involved with. The final completed aesthetic is very impressive. The amount of engineering that went into making the panels suitable for the proposed application shows Sotech’s ability to produce project specific solutions.”

Mohamad Jenaban, Technical Lead at Sotech

“This project was one of the most challenging projects I have worked on. I have spent months analysing the components of this system to ensure our offering is safe and sound aesthetically and structurally. No doubt these panels look nice on the outside, but I loved looking at the back of these panels when they were going through our production line, they look very bespoke and engineered to suit our customer application and needs.”

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