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Loughbrough Park Estates

Sotech provide multiple systems and colours for Loughbrough Park Estates development

Located in Brixton, the Loughbrough Park Estates development is one of Sotech’s most recent residential case studies.

Working with OCL Facades and Countryside Properties, we provided our quality rainscreen panels in 3 separate systems; Optima TFC Through Fix Cassette, Optima IPC Pressed Plank and flat plate rainscreen.

The sheer volume of different rainscreen products required for this development lead to some challenges with regards to logistics. With the build consisting of 3 different systems and 6 different colours over multiple phases of the development, Sotech had to employ advanced project management to ensure the rainscreen was delivered and installed effectively.

Sotech are currently working on phase 2 of the Loughbrough Park Estates development, and the systems used have been independently tested and certified to meet CWCT rigorous specification for rainscreen cladding.

Sotech has invested heavily in sophisticated design and manufacturing technology and remains the only rainscreen manufacturer to offer a rainscreen system that is both independently tested to CWCT standards and achieves LPCB Red Book accreditation.

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