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Optima IPC, Interlocking Pressed Plank Rainscreen


PRESSED planks THAT are connected by a simple interlocking male/female joint, which offers either a recessed or hairline appearance.

The Optima IPC, Interlocking Pressed Plank is secretly fixed onto extruded aluminium support framework horizontally, vertically or diagonally in a variety of materials.

As the longitudinal joint is not ventilated this product can be used as a weathered screen introducing ventilation at the base of a wall and at the top or some ventilation can be introduced at the cross plank joints by leaving a gap with the support structure behind creating a baffle.


The Optima IPC Rainscreen system offers a superior approach to traditional cladding with a range of benefits that enhance the functionality and aesthetic of your building. Designed for both aesthetic appeal and performance longevity, it's the ideal solution for modern architectural needs. The Optima IPC Rainscreen system offers an innovative slide and lock adjustment mechanism, with the secret fix hook on rainscreen system enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of your building.

  • The pressed metal plank is available in a variety of materials and thicknesses up to 2mm, enabling greater module sizes far in excess of the limitations found in some rolled systems.
  • The metal planks are connected by a simple interlocking male/female joint, which offers either a recessed or hairline appearance.
  • Flashings and ancillary products available such as copings, fascia soffit, column casings, solar shading, and architectural features.
  • Euroclass A1 and A2 – s1,d0 panel materials up to 2mm.
  • Mechanical fixing methods and no use of adhesives, providing true A1 and A2 cladding systems.
  • The system has been independently tested and certified to meet CWCT rigorous specification for rainscreen cladding.
  • Panels are fixed using wafer head, self-tapping stainless steel screws through pre-punched holes.
  • Panels can be fixed to a simple top hat or timber baton of minimum 38mm depth to create ventilation with a cladding zone as shallow as 90mm.
  • Components meet the requirements of Class 0 fire performance in accordance with building regulations.
  • NBS specifications available tailored to your project.



Versatile Sizes and Materials for Every Architectural Need

Optima XPC Panels offer a versatile and high-quality solution for modern architectural needs, available in various sizes and finishes to accommodate different design aesthetics and performance requirements. With materials ranging from 1.5mm to 4mm and available in Anodised Aluminum, PPC Aluminum, Pre-Paint, A1 & A2 ACM, Copper and Zinc, these panels are designed to meet a variety of architectural demands. Sotech’s state of the art machinery allows flexibility in precision manufacturing of panels upto 3800mm x 1300mm, providing ample coverage for large areas.  The option for bespoke sizes ensures that even the most unique design visions can be brought to life. The different material options offer a balance between durability, aesthetic, and fire safety, making them a suitable choice for a wide array of construction needs.

Contact us for maximum and typical panels sizes available


Building a Reliable Foundation with Quality Materials

The Optima XPC system isn’t just about the panels; the substructure is equally important in ensuring longevity and performance. Built using materials from quality brands, the system guarantees reliability and durability. The system’s adaptability is evident in its suitability for all types of wall constructions, whether for new builds or refurbishments. The fully adjustable system allows for precise alignment and levelling of the cladding zones, accommodating variations in insulation thickness and wall irregularities. This precision ensures a flawless finish and long-lasting performance, keeping the project’s aesthetic and structural integrity intact over time.


Ease and Versatility in Application

Finally, the Optima XPC system’s installation and backing walls are designed with ease and versatility in mind. Compatible with various types of external insulation and wall constructions, it offers solutions for easy installation. The system’s adjustability, along with the use of wafer head, self-tapping stainless-steel screws, ensures a secure and precise installation. Ventilation zones behind the panels are often designed to exceed CWCT minimum requirements, considering structural rails and other constraints. With such detailed attention to functionality, adaptability, and aesthetic, the Optima XPC system provides a comprehensive solution for modern cladding needs.


Anodising is an A1 non-combustible finish. It is an electrolytic passivation process used to increase the thickness of the natural oxide layer on the surface of metal parts.

Due to the nature of the anodising process and the tight quality controls on both the aluminium and the surface treatment, anodising has a homogeneous (matching & consistent) appearance.

Colours, textures and patterns can be incorporated in the anodic film, enhancing the natural metallic appearance without affecting the total UV resistance of the rainscreen cladding.

Anodising enhances the natural qualities of aluminium further; it permits a strongly contemporary finish with incomparable corrosion and abrasion resistance.

Aluminium is exceptionally recyclable, requires minimal maintenance and has proven lifetime performance.


Copper is an A1 non-combustible material. It is a traditional construction material excelling in durability, malleability and corrosion resistance.

Copper is perfect for architectural cladding, giving a unique aesthetic appearance with low maintenance costs due to a naturally forming, self-protecting patina.

The material is 99.9% recyclable and using only 15% of the energy used in the original manufacture to recycle product.

The material protects itself by developing a patina over time, however patination can be accelerated by a chemical process meaning the material is available in varying shades.

Strong, dimensionally stable, light and low maintenance.

Polyester Powder CoatED ALUMINIUM (PPC)

PPC is an A2 limited combustibility finish.

PPC is a type of dry coating, rather than a conventional liquid paint, and is applied to metal rainscreen as a free flowing, dry powder. The powder is applied to rainscreen panels electrostatically and is then cured under heat to allow it to form a ‘skin’. This electrostatic powder process means we can ensure complete coverage of the panels, even on more complex shapes.

Powder Coating can produce a much thicker coating than conventional liquid coating leaving PPC rainscreen cladding with a hard finish. This is much tougher than normal paint and its strong abrasion and corrosion resistance properties make it extremely durable and long lasting.

If you are looking for a finish to make your project stand out PPC is a great specification choice with a range of 200 standard RAL colours and a wide choice of special effects offer a great alternative to anodised aluminium and stone, natural effects and different textures can be used to add a unique touch to your project.



Pre-PAINTED Aluminium is a great choice for large facade cladding projects, tough and hard-wearing.

It is available in a wide choice of colours and surfaces and gives a uniform paint layer and consistent colour minimising shade variation between panels – Euroclass A1 Fire Rating.

In addition to its UV and weather resistance, it is also easy to transform and allows creations of original shapes.

Prepainted metal is the choice for sustainable design, the aluminium coating is an environmentally friendly process and can be recycled without any loss in quality.

Stainless Steel

The appearance of stainless steel panels is easy to maintain, as the material is highly resistant to atmospheric and pure water environments, it is also 100% recyclable and Euroclass A1 Fire Rating.

Rimex offer Stainless Steel patters that are produced by texturing or rigidizing ferrous and non-ferrous metals, increasing strength in all directions.

Textures diffuse light patterns to produce an optical flatness to sheet metals, eliminating the unwanted oil-canning effect. Deep textured metals resist dents and scratches resulting in low maintenance costs.

Richard Austin Alloys provide a complete range of processing services including surface finishing. Using various techniques we can provide you with grades bright, reflective and highly polished finishes.

Stainless Steel is Euroclass A1 Fire rating, the appearance of stainless steel panels is easy to maintain and 100% recyclable.


A traditional construction material excelling in durability, malleability and corrosion resistance due to a naturally forming, self-protecting patina.

Naturally resistance to corrosion and virtually maintenance free as the rinsing effect of rainwater performs this task naturally. Zinc lends itself to both traditional and contemporary design. – Euroclass A1 Fire rating

One of the most unique features of Zinc Composite Material is that it uses the effect of air and the elements to enhance it’s finish; available in a natural blue grey, as well as numerous other shades, ZCM’s pre-weathered finish means that it matures over time as it’s exposed to the outside, and the natural patina that develops means that scratches and imperfections are virtually unnoticeable.

The surface only requires minor cleaning and maintenance over its lifetime.


The CWCT ‘Standard for systemised building envelopes’ gives a framework for specifying building envelopes and provides a ‘Specifiers checklist’ showing information that will change from project to project.

This includes:

  • Internal and external environment
  • Air permeability
  • Thermal performance
  • Access and safety
  • Design life


Tests performed:

Watertightness – dynamic

Wind resistance – serviceability

Wind resistance – safety

Soft body Impact


Certificate Number: 2010/41

Fire Test Performed at: Vinci Technology

Date test performed: July 2009


New Bailey Plot C1 Manchester Optima FC+
Plot C1, English Cities Fund (ECF) – New Bailey, Salford Quays
8300 SQM of Optima FC+, Optima FC+ perforated panels and Optima IPC (soffits) have been used in the completion of the 23-storey New Bailey building in Salford Quays.  Optima FC+ was selected for a…
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Bournemouth Gateway Building
Over 3000sqm of Sotech Optima IPC rainscreen cladding has been used in the development of the Bournemouth Gateway Building (BGB). Working closely with anodising partner United Anodisers, the Optima Interlocking Plank finished in anodised Anolok regency gold, natural and Anolok bronze,…
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Skelhorne Street, Student Accommodation, Liverpool
Horizon Heights, Student Accommodation, Liverpool
4500m2 of Optima FC, TFC, IPC & Feature Fabrications in Aluminium Axalta PPC has been used in the completion of Horizon Heights student accommodation at Liverpool Lime Street. Positioned by Liverpool Lime Street train station,…
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Queen Margaret
Queen Margaret Academy, Ayr
1400m2 of Optima IPC in A1 rated 2mm Pre-Coat Aluminium Copper Patina has been used in the completion of Queen Margaret Academy in Aye. The new £25 million building, which can accommodate up to 800…
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Roden court cover
Roden Court
700sqm of 2mm Reynolux Precoat RAL 6021 has been used at Roden Court, London. The client selected the precoated finish to replicate a Patina Copper effect in a solid flat colour. The Reynolux material was…
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Conway Council
Optima IPC Euromax Tecu Copper & IPC Silver Euras, Optima TFC/IPC Hybrid Euromax Tecu Copper & Optima LZ – Anodised Regency Gold 2 PROJECT DETAILS: Project name: Conway Rd, Colwyn Bay Location: Liverpool Lime Street Sector:…
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Evelyn Grace Academy
Evelyn Grace Academy
Riba Stirling Prize winner, Evelyn Grace Academy in Brixton South London, benefits from a flowing facade integrating seamlessly with Sotech’s elegant Optima IPC Rainscreen Cladding. The external facades of the academy, designed by award wining…
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Birmingham Children's Hospital
Birmingham Children’s Hospital
500m2 of Optima Interlocking Wall Plank (IPC) was chosen for Birmingham Children’s Hospital on Whittall Street in Birmingham. Part of a £37.5 million pound project, the new hospital will be home to the UK’s first…
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Loughbrough Park Estates
Loughbrough Park Estates
Loughbrough Park Estates Working with OCL Facades and Countryside Properties, we provided our quality rainscreen panels in 3 separate systems; Optima TFC Through Fix Cassette, Optima IPC Pressed Plank and flat plate rainscreen. The sheer…
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Houghton Primary Care
Houghton Primary Health Centre
The building, which has become the first healthcare project to be awarded a BREEAM ‘Outstanding’ rating, and was recently awarded the title of Best Healthcare Building in the UK, brings together a combination of social…
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Leeds University Cladding
Leeds University
The 3400 m2 EnergyResearchBuilding in Leeds is an extension to the existing engineering complex. It houses 170 staff and students from the Faculty of Engineering. The overall project was valued at £7.9 million. The original…
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Newcastle University Viewing Box
Newcastle University Viewing Box
Installer: European Roofing Systems System: Optima XPC Extruded Interlocking Plank Material/Finish: PPC Aluminium Location: Newcastle
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Northern Ballet & Phoenix Dance Theatre | Zinc Rainscreen Cladding
Northern Ballet & Phoenix Dance Theatre
The Northern Ballet project is a new £12 million city centre dance building for Northern Ballet and Phoenix Dance Theatre, the largest centre for dance in the UK outside London.   Located in the thriving…
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NBV Enterprise Centre
NBV Enterprise Centre
We partnered with Franklin Ellie Architects, and Construction Services to provide 800sqm of rainscreen cladding for the high-specification, eco-friendly refurbishment of the NBV Enterprise Centre in Nottingham. The renovation project creates a new state of…
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GWQ Optima IPC Rainscreen Cladding with PPC Finish
GWQ Barratt Homes LDN
Sotech recently worked with installers Stanmore on the Barratt Homes residential development Westgate House, which was a £500 million mixed-use regeneration project, designed by London-based Assael Architecture and located in Brentford, Middlesex. Westgate House is…
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Sheffield University Durham Road Car Park
Sheffield University, Durham Road Car Park
Sotech provided over 2000sqm of Aluminium Rainscreen for Sheffield University’s new multi-story carpark. The scheme included Sotech Optima IPC interlocking plank in an anodized finish and Optima FC Secret Fix Rainscreen and bespoke perforated panels…
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Loughbrough Park Estates
Sotech provide multiple systems and colours for Loughbrough Park Estates development
Located in Brixton, the Loughbrough Park Estates development is one of Sotech’s most recent residential case studies. Working with OCL Facades and Countryside Properties, we provided our quality rainscreen panels in 3 separate systems; Optima…
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