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ACM Rainscreen Cladding Material Glow Bluewater Shopping Centre

Sotech provided Optima TFC rainscreen, and a feature bullnose, Glow is a striking events venue providing Bluewater, Europe’s largest retail destination, with a year round consumer focused leisure experience.

ACM Rainscreen Cladding Material Glow Bluewater Shopping Centre

TFC rainscreen panels in yellow polyester powder coat around the main entrance and as an internal design feature where the external wall of the venue opens into the existing Bluewater shopping centre. Sotech manufactured face fixed perforated panels in 3mm silver powder coated aluminium, providing a 40% free area. However by far the most challenging feature of the cladding requirement was the complex geometry of the 3.5 metre wide bespoke feature panels forming the curved and sloping bullnose, together with radiused and curved tapering soffits.

ACM Rainscreen Cladding Material Glow Bluewater Shopping Centre

The sloping roof integrates with a complex curved and tapering soffit manufactured by Sotech in Reynobond ACM. Utilising sophisticated 3D modelling software, we were able to create a chisel edge integrating the soffits seamlessly with the silver ACM feature curved bullnoses, rolled to the Lakesmere grid system with the shadowgaps running horizontally as a design feature.

Architect: Denton Corker Marshall
Main Contractor: BAM Construction
Installer: Lakesmere Limited
System: Optima TFC, Feature Bullnoses
Material / Finish: PPC Aluminium
Location: Kent

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