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West End Quay London

[CASE STUDY] 1100sqm of Optima FC+ in 3.0mm Aluminium Polyester Powder Coating finished in RAL 9006 has been used in the completion of West End Quay, situated in the heart of London.

West End Quay, a mix of 1 and 2 bedroom luxury apartments, provided a new challenge for Sotech – with working to a curved panel requirement. Optima FC+ was chosen as it allowed fully welded and dressed units, that were both robust and aesthetically pleasing.

West End Quay London

West End Quay London

West End Quay London

The existing panels were curved horizontally around the slab and vertically around the window, with very little information on the existing structure. A2O used a 3D scan of the building to determine datum levels. With no ‘as-built’ drawings being available to assist in the remaking the panels, the team started again with new information supplied by A20’s design team.

West End Quay London

A20’s site team worked with Sotech to supply corex templates of existing curved panels to check the radius. Sotech also agreed to manufacture one of each panel type, before starting full production of the project to ensure the panels fit the complex curves. This gave the design team the opportunity to make modifications if required.

Close collaboration was imperative by all parties to complete West End Quay on time and on budget. Work was carried out on a live residential area, meaning deliveries to site had to be carefully co-ordinated and palletised effectively for installation.

West End Quay London

Jamie Brown, Business Development Manager at Sotech, said:

“As the works were carried out on a live residential area, it was vital our deliveries to site were carefully co-ordinated and palletised efficiently for install. The curved panel remakes had to be within millimetres of the templates provided from site to ensure they fit within the existing apertures. This is another fantastic example of how close collaboration between all parties gets the job done on time and on budget.”

Phil Fisk, UK & Ireland Sales Manager at Axalta Coasting Systems, added:

“I love the contrast of the modern, metallic curves against the organic coloured lines of the Corten.”

Project Name: West End Quay

Location: London

Sector: Reclad, Residential Scheme

Installer: A20 Facades

Main Contractor: Buxton Building

Architect:  Broadway Malyan

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