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3900m2 Optima TFC in PPC Aluminium & 1800m2 Optima FC in Axalta PPC Aluminium have been used in the completion of the 400+ room in Salford’s latest student accommodation project.

The Optima TFC system was proposed to create a ‘basket weave’ pattern to the façade including a mixture of both landscape and portrait lay orientation, visible in the project photos.

The Optima FC included multi-depth panels to create a 3D effect along with secret fix assembled triangle segments to further emphasize the projection.

When you stand back from the building, you can see the two separate towers seem to connect ‘through’ each other.

The expert team at Sotech worked closely with Britplas Facades and their team of specialists to design the unique façade, ensuring it was both viable and achievable to the installation programme. As a team, we developed a method to secret fix the triangular sections onto standard panels at our fabrication facility, to reduce the quantity of parts the installer would have to handle.

No additional testing was required for the project as Optima TFC and Optima FC have been extensively tested and are approved by CWCT and have been tested to BS8414-2 (compliant to BR135).

Jamie Brown, Estimating Manager at Sotech said: “This is a truly unique, vibrant and striking building. It was a real pleasure to have been involved in this scheme from concept to completion working closely with our supply chain partner, Britplas Facades, to develop a solution that ticked all the boxes – cost, programme and exceptional quality.”

Discovery Quays includes 404 student bedrooms over 10,325 sqft in two blocks. The finished building also provides a coffee shop, library, lounge, media wall, gaming area and a stunning double-story reception.

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Location: Salford

Sector: Student Accommodation

Installer: Britplas Facades

Main Contractor: Create Construction

Architect: KKA Architecture

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