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Leicester City Football Club Training Ground

5000m2 of Optima TFC+ in 3mm Aluminium PPC (Interpon) Y4207i `Corten Bond` has been used in the completion of the striking Leicester City Football Club training ground.

Leicester City Football Club Training Ground

As visible in the project photos, the project has been finished in an eye-catching ‘copper’ colour, which was unique to this design. Working closely with supply chain partner, Akzo Nobel, the Sotech team developed the project specific paint to resemble a weathered steel, giving the façade a unique and dynamic look.

Leicester City Football Club Training Ground 5

Akzo Nobel’s UK and Ireland Specification Manager, Naveen Sandhu, explained:

We were presented with a unique challenge by the KSS team, whereby the cladding design intent sought to create a futuristic look and feel, whilst still embracing the traditions of the club’s Thai owners.

“A warm and earthy tone was desired, but one which was able to achieve certain characteristics, namely the ability to subtly change in tone based on exposure to different daylight conditions.

“Our expert in-house formulators devised a multi-faceted copper metallic effect, backed with a super durable polyester backbone. Copper is traditionally viewed as a lucky colour in Thailand.

The resulting finish certainly not only elevates the myriad of components across the complex, but the enhanced durability technology which underpins it, ensures it will do so for many years to come.”

Leicester City Football Club Training Ground

Using the latest 3D software, Sotech and installer Roofdec worked closely to develop the complex interfaces, where vertical fin panels intersected with the horizontal panels.

Whilst working to a tight programme and under the restrictions caused by COVID-19, it was important that the Sotech operations team maintained constant dialogue with the Roofdec site team to ensure delivery schedules were managed and adapted as necessary.

Finite Analysis undertaken by Sotech’s Technical Engineer, Mohammadreza Jenaban, was used to ensure Sotech’s new and improved approach to panel stiffeners was effective and reliable.

Leicester City Football Club Training Ground

The final project, with its curved design to blend in with its rural setting, features 11 full-size training pitches, eight smaller pitches, five training grids, two goalkeeping areas and a pitch for the club’s academy sides with a 499-seater stand. The main training centre building includes 35 bedrooms so players can stay at the site.

About Optima TFC+

Optima TFC+ has been fire tested to BS8414-2:2015, and classified to BR135 for high rise buildings. A full range of Euroclass A1 and A2 – s1,d0 panel materials from 2mm – 4mm are available. Click here to learn more about the materials and finishes available, and to explore 3D models of the system in Sotech’s virtual showroom.

About Power Coating / PPC:

Aluminium PPC is a type of dry coating, rather than a conventional liquid paint, and is applied to metal rainscreen as a free flowing, dry powder. The powder is applied to rainscreen panels electrostatically and is then cured under heat to allow it to form a ‘skin’. This electrostatic powder process means we can ensure complete coverage of the panels, even on more complex shapes.

Powder coating can produce a much thicker coating than conventional liquid coating leaving PPC rainscreen cladding with a hard finish. This is much tougher than normal paint and its strong abrasion and corrosion resistance properties make it extremely durable and long lasting.

To learn more about this finish, and specify it in your next project, click here.



Jamie Brown, Estimator at Sotech said: “The finish is striking. Knowing what went into making it possible makes it even more impressive to consider.”

Scott Richardson, Architectural Facade Design Technician at Sotech, noted:  “I was proud to be part of this project. I’m not a Leicester City football fan but when I hear it mentioned in passing on the radio or TV it’s hard not to take notice”.



Project Name: Leicester City Football Club Training Ground

Location: Loughborough
Sector: Sport & Leisure
Installer: Roofdec
Main Contractor: McLaren
Architect: KSS Group


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