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St Andrews Square

Over 700 Brushed Nordic Royal Copper fins have been added to the commercial and retail development in the historic St Andrews Square in Edinburgh.

Chosen because it changes the appearance of the building as the sun moves across the sky, each copper fin had to be rotated 1 degree further than the previous fin in order to create the casting shadow look.

St Andrews Square Copper Finns

This posed an exciting challenge for Sotech’s technical and manufacturing team as they not only had to create a bespoke jig to manufacture the fins, but care had to be taken to ensure the direction of the ‘grain’ was maintained across the final look. The team therefore worked closely alongside the team at Charles Henshaw to agree the manufacturing technique and ensure the project ran smoothly.

St Andrews Square Copper Finns

In order to further guarantee the right look on site, several in house tests were also carried out before the project began to ensure the fins were to the client’s specification.

St Andrews Square Copper Finns

Dave Swithenbank, Design Technician at Sotech said: “This was a project I was very proud to work on and have even visited site twice in my own time to show the finished project to family. The outcome has been fantastic!”

St Andrews Square

The final design comprises 9300m2 Grade A office space 6500sqm leisure/retail and suite of luxury apartments.

Location: Edinburgh

Installer: Charles Henshaw

Main Contractor: Bowmer & Kirkland

Architect: Hoskins Architect

System: Sotech Optima Bespoke ‘Fins’

Material: Royal Copper

Finish: Brushed Nordic Royal Copper

Sector: Office / Leisure / Retail

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