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Canaan Lane Primary School in Corten Edinburgh

560m2 of 2.0mm Corten A has been used in the completion of the two-storey Canaan Lane Primary School in Edinburgh.

Holmes Miller, the architect behind the project, opted for Corten material in a secret fix system, selecting the Optima FC Secret Fix hook-on system as the ideal solution. Collaborating closely with Sotech’s innovative design team, Holmes Miller ensured the seamless incorporation of Corten material, enhancing both functionality and visual impact.

As visible in the project photos, the final design involved complex shapes in the main elevation. Each panel had to be individually modelled, with bends and sizes adjusted each time, to ensure the panels would work seamlessly on site.

Canaan Lane Primary School in Corten Edinburgh

Canaan Lane Primary School in Corten Edinburgh

Canaan Lane Primary School in Corten Edinburgh

Joshua Stevens, Estimator at Sotech commented: “It was a pleasure working with the Q9 Cladding Solutions team from start to finish on this project. The unique geometry of the panels proved difficult at times, but the final aesthetic and finish is a testament to the great work by both teams.”

Canaan Lane Primary School in Corten Edinburgh

Holmes Miller, the architect for the project, noted: “The design echoes its immediate context, the proposed 2 storey new build is mostly finished in natural sandstone and Corten steel to the public elevations reflecting the feel and height of the buildings in the conservation area and in particular the two 19th Century villas to the east.

“The three-dimensional Corten steel feature reflects the geometry and establishes an architectural dialogue with the tenement located across from it. The contrast in material selection emphasises the school’s civic character. The ever-changing nature and texture of weathering steel complements the rich tones of the red sandstone in the existing tenement as well as contrasting with the soft natural light colour sandstone used in the schools front elevation.”


Canaan Lane - Artist Impression - Credit -

Artist Impression – shared with permission Holmes Miller 

Canaan Lane Primary School opened in 2022 completing the first part of a two stage project.


Project Details: 

Installer: Q9 Cladding Solutions
Main Contractor: Morgan Sindall
Architect: Holmes Miller
System: Bespoke Optima FC

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