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3,500m2 of Optima FC in 3mm Aluminium PPC Axalta Anodic Bronze has been used in the stunning completion of student accommodation on Bingley Street.

Known as The Refinery, the 9, 10 and 11-storey scheme designed by award winning AHR Architects, was shortlisted for ‘Private Hall of Residence of the Year’ in the prestigious Student Accommodation Awards 2020 in collaboration with Property Week.

Optima FC was the perfect rainscreen solution for this 18m+ project, as the client required an A2-s1,d0 rated façadein a secret fixing solution.

The Optima ECO FC carrier rail was used for a large portion of the project due to the façade fixing back to composite panel. The Optima FC ECO offers a reduced cladding zone when fixing back to insulated panels, removing the need for helping hand brackets. All while maintaining the secret fixing solution.

Jamie Smith, Estimator at Sotech said: “The Optima ECO FC & FC Systems in small format panels show the system’s versatility.

As visible in the photos, perforations have been used in the completion of this project. Perforations can perform a purely design function but can also be used to allow in light whilst maintaining a degree of privacy.

In The Refinery, perforations have been used allow light into the stairways without making foot traffic overly visible from the exterior.

Used on rainscreen cladding perforations have the ability to completely change the look and character of a plain and one-dimensional structure.

Sotech’s range of perforation options were provided to the architects to assist with the decision on the final design.

The Refinery in Leeds was Sotech’s first large-scale project undertaken with Hansen Facades, Sotech provided high-quality panels during the restrictions of the first COVID lockdown.

Opening in time for the Autumn Term is a testament to the collaboration of the whole delivery team that worked rigorously, under strict conditions, through the pandemic.

The 407-bed scheme sits on the edge of Leeds city centre. Facilities include shared social areas, a cinema, gym, games room, concierge and 24-hour security.

Location: Leeds

Installer: Hansen

Main Contractor: GMI

Architect: AHR

SystemOptima FC

Material: Aluminium

FInish: 3mm Aluminium PPC Axalta Anodic Bronze

Sector: Residential, Student Accommodation

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