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Optima FC+ System Page Enhanced

New interactive 3D models, comprehensive new system details and stunning new project photos are available for ​Optima FC+​ and ​Optima TFC+​. ​Offering a totally unique design across a building façade, Optima ​TFC+ ​and ​FC+​ are…

Fins, perforations, balconies and etching

Rainscreen fins, perforations, balconies and etching: When design flare meets performance rigour in rainscreen cladding When it comes to selecting the perfect rainscreen cladding system for a project, such as a striking new residential complex…

System in Focus: Clip on Copings

Sotech Optima Clip On Copings are a secretly fixed, bespoke, dry-jointed metal coping system that provides complete weather protection for parapets and perimeter walls. Quick and easy to install, the system offers a long lifespan,…

The Benefits of Anodising

Anodised aluminium is an increasingly popular finish choice for rainscreen cladding, and with such an extensive range of benefits to using it, it isn’t difficult to see why. Aluminium is exceptionally recyclable, has minimal maintenance…

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