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Hook on Secret Fix Rainscreen FC Plus

An evolution of the Hook-on Secret Fix Rainscreen solution

Sotech has today unveiled an evolution of its original hook on secret fix rainscreen solution, Optima FC. Featuring an innovative slide and lock adjustment mechanism, carrier rail hooks can now be locked in position on site by installers, rather than in the factory, leading to significantly reduced lead times for all parties.

Named “Optima FC+”, the improved system is an evolution of Optima FC – a hook-on secret fix rainscreen system.

Hook on secret fix rainscreen cladding system

“The industry has evolved a lot over the past three years”, said Charlie McLaughlin, Specification Manager at Sotech, “It’s important our customers and the people who eventually use the buildings understand that we not only provide fire-tested systems but that we provide high quality systems at the right price and in the right timeframe.

“The introduction of the slide and lock adjustment mechanism has given the original FC hook on system an incredible time-saving benefit and it reflects Sotech’s unwavering commitment to safety, performance and efficiency. We’re really pleased with the turn out of the new FC+ system and look forward to seeing it on buildings this year. Customers still have the option to order pre-assembled rails.

Is FC+ tested? 

FC+ has been successfully fire tested to BS8414. Classified to BR135, Optima FC+ is safe to use on high rise buildings in conjunction with Euroclass A1 and A2 – s1, d0 fire rated materials. Sotech has always been at the forefront of testing in the rainscreen facade industry, fire testing since 2006.  For more information on how Sotech can help with large scale fire tests click here.

Secret Fix Rainscreen Fire Tested

CWCT Tested and certified at Vinci Technology Centre.

Secret Fix Rainscreen CWCT Tested - Impact

Secret Fix Rainscreen CWCT Testing 2

“Our motivation was to provide true A1 and A2 rainscreen systems in the slickest timeframe possible”, said Graham Todd, Director at Sotech, “Providing safe, reliable fire-rated systems is our priority. Ensuring they are produced cost effectively and can be installed quickly is of huge importance to our customers and our place as leaders in the market. With FC+ rolling into production, we’re turning our attention to upgrading the original TFC in the same way.”

In addition to the new slide and lock mechanism, Sotech now uses mechanical fixings for mid-point support and panel stiffening, removing the need for glue and making the system truly A1 or A2, as required.

Sotech has always prided itself on its history of testing.

“Our testing covers 99% of all jobs”, added Graham, “We choose our build ups carefully to achieve a constant. Where customers want to test systems for specific projects, we’re happy to help and can test build ups to BS8414”.

What is hook on rainscreen?  

Hook on rainscreen facade is a fully draining, back ventilated façade. This provides a significant advantage as panels can be installed top down or bottom up and can be removed individually, without disrupting other panels.

The secret fix rainscreen solution is also better ventilated than most rainscreen solutions and serves its primary function of stopping the force of wind-driven water movement incredibly effectively.



The system has the flexibility to be used in a portrait or landscape orientation and carry a multitude of panel material thicknesses on the same universal carrier rail.

Optima FC+ is an evolution of Optima FC, Sotech’s original and best-selling secret fix hook on rainscreen solution for largescale projects in the UK.


How does FC+ work?

With the new moving hook system in FC+, the ‘hooks’ are kept separate and sent loose to site. The hooks can then be added to the rails on site and moved easily up and down a specially created channel before being locked securely in place with the turn of a bolt. This more user-friendly approach can save weeks in the design and manufacturing stage, removing the need for ‘more permanent’ drilling and screwing and it also minimises mistakes as the hooks are positioned on site, by installers.

Whilst the option is available to have the hooks pre-loaded in the factory it is the customer’s choice if they wish to do so.


What are the benefits of the secret fix rainscreen system FC+


There are many benefits to the FC+ secret fix rainscreen system:

  • Suitable for large and bespoke panel sizes.
  • Improved ventilation & drainage as the ventilation paths are much bigger than the original FC.
  • Precision fit and finish with 20mm joints in both directions.
  • Mechanical fixing methods and no use of adhesives, providing true A1 and A2 cladding systems.
  • User friendly with quick and easy adjustment on site.
  • Reduced lead times with slide and lock hook adjustment mechanism.
  • Can be fixed top down, or bottom up.
  • Individual panel removal and replacement.
  • Fire tested to BS8414, and classified to BR135 for high rise buildings.
  • Full range of Euroclass A1 and A2 – s1,d0 panel materials from 2mm – 4mm.
  • CWCT tested and certified.
  • NBS specifications available tailored to your project.
  • Full technical back up throughout.
  • Details available in PDF, DWG and BIM packages.
  • Designed to work in harmony with Siderise OCSI products.


Bespoke options for FC+


Sotech is able to produce the Optima FC+ system in a range of materials including A1 and A2 ACM, aluminium pre-coat and post coat including anodised, copper, stainless steal and corten steel. With its multi-million pound state of the art factory and fully automated production line, Sotech is able to produce FC+ in an almost unlimited range of shapes and finishes meaning it’s a great choice for an architect with a unique vision.


How to specify secret fix rainscreen solution FC+


Sotech is a leading designer of the Optima range of engineered metal rainscreen cladding and architectural fabrication.

If you would like to specify the FC+ hook on secret fix solution in your next project, please call us to speak to an expert member of the team. We can help advise you on the best material, finish and approach for your unique project. Our team is able to provide full technical support and provide you with the full NBS specs, tailored to your project.

If you’d like to see the system in practice, watch the video above, contact us to arrange a visit on site or ask us to send you a sample of the system.

Sotech has a North East and London based showroom and look forward to welcoming you in. If you would like to make an appointment please contact us on: 0191 5879213.

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