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Our Optima TFC Through Fix Cassette rainscreen cladding system was developed as a versatile, flexible and cost effective rainscreen system, which is both easy and quick to install.

Using superior manufacturing techniques and state of the art machinery we ensure complete accuracy in panel fabrication.

In order to help architects, installers and contractors alike to understand the benefits of our Optima TFC Rainscreen we have developed a comprehensive 3D model and animation to allow you to gain more insight into the system and how it works.

By watching our latest innovative 3D animation, you can see how the substructure of the Optima TFC system works, how the brackets are attached to the primary structure, tips for the installation process and how the panels are secured to the vertical or horizontal carrier rail.

Used on projects including The View, Manchester Cancer Research Centre, New Festival Quarter and Erie Basin in Salford, this versatile system is one of the most popular amongst our clients.

If you’d like to find out even more about our TFC system, get in touch on 0191 587 9213 or email

Sotech has invested heavily in sophisticated design and manufacturing technology.

All Sotech Optima Rainscreen Systems have been independently tested to meet CWCT rigorous specification for rainscreen.

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