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Optima FC+ Page Enhanced

New interactive 3D models, comprehensive new system details and stunning new project photos are available for ​Optima FC+​ and ​Optima TFC+​.

​Offering a totally unique design across a building façade, Optima ​TFC+ ​and ​FC+​ are available in a wide variety of sizes and finishes to fit almost any requirements on future projects. From precoat, to polyester powder coating to anodised, the possibilities of each system are endless.

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Find true inspiration for your next project by visualising how our secret fix hook on and through fixed systems look, in real time:

FC enhanced

Get inspired with Optima FC+ Secret Fix Hook On Rainscreen​ >>

Get inspired with Optima TFC+ Through Fix​ Rainscreen >>

The biggest advantage of both Optima ​TFC+​ and ​FC+​ systems is their ability to enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of buildings while ensuring superior longevity and performance.

Both systems are fire tested, CWCT certified and available for NBS specification, with the ability to tailor the products to fit your unique project needs.

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