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Sotech Optima Perforated Screen provides an innovative solution for enclosed spaces like car parks or plant rooms, and can be created from our Optima TFC (Through Fix Cassette) system and Optima FC (Flexible Cladding) system, or from flat plate overclad rainscreen.

Perforated screens can provide a range of both aesthetic and practical benefits to enhance your project, such as:

  • One of the most obvious reasons to choose to add perforations to the cladding solution you are using is to create a visual impact. Perforated screens allows a client to take something mundane or ordinary, such as a fire escape, car park or stairwell, and transform it into an aesthetically appealing feature.
  • The use of back-lighting through perforated screens is a great way to bring your project to life; selecting distinct colours and using a bright backlight is a fantastic way of enhancing your project, especially at night time.
  • Combining our backlit perforated panels with a honeycomb-style façade and hexagonal tinted glass, Leeds Arena creates a rainbow of colour during events and shows, making it one of our most visually impressive case studies.
  • Perforated cladding is extremely practical; for example, on a building that will be subjected to large amounts of heat or condensation such as an industrial plant, high rise flats or an event venue, perforated screens allow for ventilation and air extraction in order to ensure safety within the building, and prevent excessive moisture from affecting the external rainscreen systems.
  • Perforations can also prevent the elements from getting in a building, as well as helping them get out. If a project is in a high place, prone to sun exposure, then perforated screens are perfect for preventing too much sunlight getting into the building and creating unbearable levels of heat, whilst still allowing enough to keep the interior of the building light.
  • We use specially designed cluster tools to perforate our rainscreen which are a quick and economical method for creating a series of standard patterns; we can also create a wide range of bespoke perforated shapes and patterns according to your design.

To see the Sotech Optima Perforated Screens in more detail, please visit our videos of the Leeds Arena and Silverstone UTC projects.

If you would like to know more about the Sotech Optima Perforated Screen systems, or discuss the possible solutions for your project, contact us on 0191 587 9213 or email

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