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Sotech launch two new rainscreen systems

Sotech – a leading manufacturer of rainscreen cladding systems – has launched two rainscreen cladding systems: ‘Optima LZ, Low Zone Cladding’ and ‘Optima HC, Horizontal Cladding’ with full system design drawings.

The rainsceen systems have been developed in house, in response to new demand from architects and contractors UK wide.

Optima LZ (Low Zone Cladding) has been manufactured to reduce the overall thickness of walls in order to maximise the build space available. The Optima HC (Horizontal Cladding) system has been introduced to offer an alternative method to create a stable rainscreen system for landscape applications.

Both systems have been in development since July last year and have undergone significant testing. Sotech commissioned a test rig at Vinci Technology Centre with the intention of testing a range of panels with various materials – ACM, PE and mineral core as well as solid aluminium.  These three tests were used in product development and the information gathered enabled the tuning of the system design. Further testing of this system was carried out with results 2.4KN serviceability 3.6KN safety for positive and negative wind load. While at Vinci, the team also increased the scope of previous independent tested products Optima TFC, FC, IPC, XPC totaling nine full blown tests in total over two months.


About Optima LZ

The Optima LZ Rainscreen is a variation of the standard FC Secret Fix system using a different versatile carrier, affording the opportunity to reduce the cladding zone. The system is suitable for exterior use as rainscreen cladding or interior use as a wall covering.  Its versatility is such that a multitude of materials and thicknesses (from 1.5mm to 4mm) used on one universal carrier. The substructure carrier rail complete with locating hooks is fully pre-fabricated prior to going to site. Along with the hands free fixing brackets the system offers a very quick and accurate installation. When the requirement is to have rainscreen fitted to SIPS or insulated panels the Eco Carrier rail can be introduced and would require the standard Optima FC panel.

About Optima HC

The Optima HC, is has been introduced to offer a method for attaching landscape panels. The cost effective rainscreen solution requires discreet colour match wafer head fixings in the horizontal panel recesses. Superior manufacturing techniques ensure accuracy of panel sizes and form leaving even recesses and cruciform of pristine appearance.

Technical Manager Graham Todd said: “We are proud to be launching two new systems this year. It marks a milestone for Sotech who has providing superior quality rainscreen cladding systems to the industry for over 30 years. It has taken us a full year to develop the new systems because we wanted to secure CWCT accreditation prior to the releasing the systems, leading no doubt that the products on offer meet all the technical requirements of the standards”.

If you’d like to attend a product demonstration please contact our technical line on 0191 5879213

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