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BRE Fire tests - Sotech


Sotech’s commitment to authentic engineering capability has been witnessed over several years in the testing and development of products. First successful fire test carried out in 2006 with Optima TFC applied to masonry wall and in 2008 Optima TFC fixed to and supported by a SFS wall. Both tests gained LPCB Red Book Entry.

Now, in response to the British Standard (BS) technical specifications, Sotech has completed fire testing on Optima TFC at BRE, Watford.

Optima TFC has been tested to BS8414-2 and is compliant to BR135:2013. (Refer to test reports for specification requirements.)

BR 135 Classified Rainscreen Cladding Systems - Optima TFC Solid Aluminium

BS 8414-2:2015 refers to the fire performance of external cladding systems and is the test method for non-load bearing external cladding systems fixed to and supported by a structural steel frame.

The BS 8414 test methods were developed by the Building Research Establishment (BRE). They evaluate whether a cladding system subject to fire breaking out of an opening (such as a window) in an external wall, will result in excessive fire spread up the outside of the building and the potential for fire to re-enter at a higher level.

The tests are carried out in specialist laboratories, and are performed on full-scale systems (rather than small-scale samples) incorporating; joints and corner details, fixings, insulation, firebreaks, cavities and other elements of the system construction.

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