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Our Optima Interlocking Pressed Plank product is a simple, interlocking metal cladding panel that, with an appropriate secondary support system, can be used as part of a rainscreen cladding solution.

  • To ensure the highest quality of product and performance for your project, our Optima IPC Rainscreen is a fully independently tested and accredited system to CWCT standards and fully compliant to NHBC requirements. We continue to test our systems year in, year out to maintain this standard and keep up with the latest industry developments.
  • The Optima IPC interlocking pressed plank rainscreen gives the appearance of a repeat plank type profile; the extruded socket bonded to the back of the planks allows the joints to be kept locked tight and extremely close together, with no visible shadow gap.
  • A huge benefit to the Optima IPC system is its versatility; the system can be manufactured in any material and finish, including copper, zinc, or aluminium, in any PPC or anodised finish you require to bring your design to life.
  • The system is available in an extensive range of widths, from 150mm to 600mm, and various thicknesses up to 2.0mm thick.
  • Sotech Optima IPC was used on Zaha Hadid Architects Stirling Prize-winning project Evelyn Grace Academy, and the award-winning Northern Ballet project, that consisted of interlocking planks in both horizontal and vertical layouts.

If you would like to know more about the Sotech Optima IPC Interlocking Pressed Plank rainscreen, or discuss the possible solutions for your project, contact us on 0191 587 9213 or email

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