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We have spent the last few months completely redesigning and rebuilding our website in order to provide architects with a destination tailored for them with all the specification details they need. Our new site includes a wide range of features and content that make it extremely interactive and innovative, and put it a step ahead of other rainscreen cladding suppliers:

1.    Integration of Pinterest

Pinterest is a fantastic tool for collating all of your inspiration in one place, and creating visual mood boards to help develop your creativity. To make this as simple as possible for architects, and help Sotech’s products become a part of that process, we have added ‘Pin It’ buttons to each item on our website; whether you’re searching for a specific material or finish, or gathering inspiration from examples of our work, you can Pin images directly from our website to your chosen Pinterest board in a few simple clicks.

2.    ‘Specify Me’ button

To make the specification process easier for you, we have included a button on each of our systems pages that allows you to see all of the specification details and product guidance from NBS in a pop-up window, and to proceed to the relevant website directly.

 3.    Technical Content

The more knowledge you have about the technical details of a system, the quicker you can know whether it is potentially suitable for your project. We want to help you become as informed as possible about the benefits and features of our system by making content available such as technical drawings, downloadable white papers and even industry-leading 3D animations across our website.

4.    Materials & Finishes

Each system page includes a clear list of materials suitable for that system with a direct link to each; this section of the website details the benefits of the material and there links to images of the finishes available in the material selected. Samples of systems, materials and finishes are also available upon request, just contact our technical team to arrange for samples on 0191 5879213.

5.    Case studies / Inspiration page

To provide the specifier with an idea of how the system looks on a building, each of our systems, materials and finishes pages includes Sotech case studies of completed projects that are specific to that product, material or finish. Sotech have worked on various industry sectors, and the inspiration page shows a selection of photographs of projects completed in specific sectors and also some of our award-winning work.

6.    Showroom / Training Centre

The website is an ideal tool to find information on all of our Sotech Optima rainscreen systems, but specifiers also find it hugely beneficial to visit our showroom/training facility where all of our systems are on display alongside an array of materials, finishes and design options. This offers the specifier an almost limitless choice of products presented in a practical and convenient way, designed to cut research time for the designer and provide an in-depth technical resource.

Our website is designed to provide all the information you need to specify one of our products, but contacting our technical team is the next step in progressing your project. To discuss our systems and how we can make them work for your design, call us on 0191 587 9213, or email

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