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APEX XPC Rainscreen Cladding - Anodised Finish

Optima XPC Rainscreen in Three-Colour Anodised Finish used for Apex Phase 2 in Liverpool

Sotech were engaged by McMullen Facades to produce over 4000 square meters of rainscreen for the University of Liverpool’s Apex project, which forms part of the university’s new Bio-Science facility.

Optima XPC has the additional benefit of providing a complete secretly fixed extruded aluminium plank rainscreen systems that has set flat face modules. Plus, due to the inherent strength of extruded aluminium, this product only needs to be 15mm thick, which makes it ideal for refurbishments where space is limited due to adjacent boundary restrictions.  Three-colour anodised finish was selected forming a traditional ‘stick-build’ façade for the facility’s large atrium, louvres and parapet copings.

APEX XPC Rainscreen Cladding - Anodised Finish

As the longitudinal joint is not ventilated this product can also be used as a weathered screen introducing ventilation at the base of a wall and at the top or some ventilation can be introduced at the cross plank joints by leaving a gap with the support structure behind creating a baffle.

The building, which will accommodate the university’s Faculty of Medicine, was designed to incorporate many energy saving measures to meet the university’s commitment to carbon reduction and is located within the city’s ‘knowledge quarter’.

The Optima XPC system is fully independently tested and accredited to CWCT standards. To find out more about our projects, and see our systems and finishes up close, you can visit our showroom and learning zone – which is open to installers and architects alike.

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