Aluminium Anodised Rainscreen Cladding Finishes

Anodising is an electrolytic passivation process used to increase the thickness of the natural oxide layer on the surface of metal parts.

Benefits of anodising

Due to the nature of the anodising process and the tight quality controls on both the aluminium and the surface treatment, anodising has a homogeneous (matching & consistent) appearance.

Colours, textures and patterns can be incorporated in the anodic film, enhancing the natural metallic appearance without affecting the total UV resistance of the rainscreen cladding.

Anodising enhances the natural qualities of aluminium further; it permits a strongly contemporary finish with incomparable corrosion and abrasion resistance.

Aluminium is exceptionally recyclable, requires minimal maintenance and has proven lifetime performance.

Aluminium Anodised Finishes

  • UnAtex_1804
    UnAtex 1804
  • UnAtex_1805
    UnAtex 1805
  • UnAtex_1806
    UnAtex 1806
  • UnAtex_1807
    UnAtex 1807
  • UnAtex_1808
    UnAtex 1808
Blue / Grey
  • B711
  • B713
  • B715
  • B717
  • anodised_0020__MG_3012.jpg
    Anolok 541
  • Anolok 543
  • Anolok 545
  • Anolok 547
  • Anolok 549
  • Anolok 54B
  • Regency Gold 1
  • Regency Gold 2
  • Regency Gold 3
Dye Colours
  • UA100-1
  • UA100-2
  • UA120-0
  • UA120-1
  • UA120-2
  • UA130-0
  • UA130-1
  • UA130-2
  • UA140-0
  • UA140-1
  • UA140-2
  • UA150-0
  • UA160-0
  • UA160-1
  • UA160-2
  • UA150-2

Featured Project – Thorpe Park

Optima TFC – 2mm Aluminium J57S `UP` Anodised Regency Gold 1, complete with feature fin pressings at random panel joints and Optima TFC, Feature Pressings & Column Casings- 1.5mm Stainless Steel 316G Mirror Polished.

Opening to the public Autumn 2018, the development includes a ten-screen Odeon cinema designed by The Harris Partnership, a 300,000 sq ft shopping and leisure park, as well as extensive parkland and sports facilities.

Thorpe Park Leeds - Stainless Steel & Regency Gold Panels

Thorpe Park Leeds - Stainless Steel & Regency Gold Panels

Aluminium Anodised Case Studies

Testing / Warranty

Sotech’s commitment to authentic engineering capability has been witnessed over several years in the testing of products as they are being developed.


From the earliest designs of the Sotech Optima solid aluminium cassette rainscreen system, Optima TFC, tested at BRE, Garston for wind serviceability and safety, air permeability and water penetration for Erie Basin, Manchester project.

Testing timeline graphic

All certificates are available on request.

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