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NBV Enterprise Centre

We partnered with Franklin Ellie Architects, and Construction Services to provide 800sqm of rainscreen cladding for the high-specification, eco-friendly refurbishment of the NBV Enterprise Centre in Nottingham.

The renovation project creates a new state of the art business centre for young and growing businesses in Nottingham.

Sotech worked closely with Franklin Ellie Architects and installers Construction Services to specify a rainscreen cladding system that would offer a smart linear appearance and uniform panel flatness for the redevelopment project.

Optima IPC Interlocking Pressed Plank Rainscreen was chosen because it is a simple, interlocking system of metal cladding panels that offers a pristine appearance, ideal when the design includes long, thin panels, which are fully adjustable.

While this system is available in a variety of materials, including stainless steel, copper and zinc, the NBV project specified Optima IPC plank with a pre-coat aluminium finish. The Pressed IPC panels are also available in an additional 18 metallic colours, a range of textures and the full RAL colour range.

A pre-coat aluminium finish offers clients an exceptional gloss and colour retention, as well as protection against ultra-violet fading. Aluminium pre-coated rainscreen panels benefit from greater durability and improved corrosion resistance, as well as being environmentally friendly.

For the NBV Enterprise Centre, Sotech provided additional raking edge panel cills at the bottom of the rainscreen façade. The Pressed IPC system also offers clients the option of additional flashings and ancillary products, such as copings, fascia soffit, column casings, solar shading and architectural features.

The NBV Enterprise Centre was an important renovation project led by award-winning contractors Robert Woodhead Ltd. As well as providing invaluable facilities and services for new Nottingham businesses, the rejuvenated building will be an essential resource for the wider community.

All the components of this rainscreen cladding system met the requirements of Class 0 fire performance in accordance with building regulations.

Sotech has invested heavily in sophisticated design and manufacturing technology.

All Sotech Optima Rainscreen Systems have been independently tested to meet CWCT rigorous specification for rainscreen cladding.

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