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Sotech NBS Partnership

NBS Source

Did you know Sotech’s full range of rainscreen cladding systems, materials and finishes are listed on NBS Source, to help architects and designers specify the manufacturer’s innovative range of façade solutions.

NBS Source is a free-to-use online platform created to help specifiers find product information most suitable for their scheme.

Beyond the core system and finish information available for the innovative range of rainscreen cladding systems available through Sotech, users will find enhanced product data that details a product’s unique characteristic, helping to reduce the chance of mistakes in the specification.

The platform also includes literature and third party testing certification that verifies product compliance and quality, and links to the National BIM library where you can download the digital objects of Sotech’s suite of rainscreen systems.

Sotech and NBS - Partnership


NBS Chorus 

With high demand for improved collaboration, NBS Chorus allows the specifier to invite the manufacturer into the specification environment to contribute to their particular area, helping to make the entire collaboration process quicker, more efficient and more accurate.  

NBS Chorus is the industry’s leading construction specification platform, it enables users to create accurate specifications 70% faster than writing them manually.  Users can develop their design model and specification simultaneously.  NBS Chorus has the ability to plug the platform into design tools such as Autodesk Revit, Graphisoft, Archicad or Nemetschek Vectorworks.

The platform is designed to make it easy for users to gather the data needed to produce robust specifications that multiple users can develop together for seamless collaboration.

Claire Ryan, Head of Sales and Marketing at Sotech said: “The sooner a customer engages us in the specification process, the more we can help to advise on the best rainscreen cladding solution, making adjustments if needed. NBS Source and NBS Chorus have enabled us to reach more customers and collaborate more efficiently.

“Users can find our product range available on the NBS platform, bringing together product specification data. Using NBS BIM Library, NBS Chorus and NBS Source forms a key part of the ‘golden thread of information’, allowing accurate and up-to-date specifications.”

Click here to visit the NBS portal on the Sotech web site.


Partnering with NBS Source means that you can find Sotech’s full range of rainscreen cladding systems, materials and finishes quickly and easily.

NBS Source is a free to use online platform created to allow you to select and specify products.  The enhanced product data details a products unique characteristics, helping to reduce the chance of mistakes in the specification. It also holds a range of content including case studies, National BIM library and third party certificates.

If you need to discuss the project with one of our technical advisors before creating the specification call our technical line where an advisor will be happy to help.


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