Copper Rainscreen Cladding Finishes

Copper is a traditional construction material excelling in durability, malleability and corrosion resistance, Copper is perfect for architectural rainscreen cladding, giving a unique aesthetic appearance with low maintenance costs due to a naturally forming, self-protecting patina.

Featured Project

Sotech were engaged by BAM to produce over 1100 square meters (9700 individual parts) of Copper Shingles in the refurb of The NIA. Now renamed the Barclaycard Arena, this is one of the busiest, large scale indoor sporting and entertainment venues in Europe. Work on the £26m redevelopment of Birmingham’s National Indoor Arena (NIA) commenced in June 2013 with full backing by Birmingham City Council as part of their ‘Big City’ Plan.

The most dramatic element is the new glass-fronted façade offset by the Sotech’s striking copper shingles which created a dynamic arrival for visitors and adding 5,926 m² of pre/post show space into the 13,437 m² of the redevelopment. The versatility and maintenance-free nature of copper makes it a natural and superior choice.  TECU® copper alloys provide stunning effects, colours, quality and texture as well as providing complete protection against the harshest of elements.

NIA Barclaycard Arena - Copper Shingles

NIA Barclaycard Arena - Copper Shingles


99.9% recyclable and using only 15% of the energy used in the original manufacture to recycle the product.

Strong, dimensionally stable, light and low maintenance.

The material protects itself by developing a patina over time, however patination can be accelerated by a chemical process meaning the material is available in varying shades.

Also most copper alloys have antimicrobial property


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Testing / Warranty

Sotech’s commitment to authentic engineering capability has been witnessed over several years in the testing of products as they are being developed.


From the earliest designs of the Sotech Optima solid aluminium cassette rainscreen system, Optima TFC, tested at BRE, Garston for wind serviceability and safety, air permeability and water penetration for Erie Basin, Manchester project.

All certificates are available on request.

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