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November update - large scale system testing

Work with us to complete a full scale system test to certify that the proposed project build-up has passed the BS 8414 fire safety test.


In recent months, there has been an increased focus on the importance of large scale testing of rainscreen cladding solutions.

Full scale system testing involves building a complete model of the proposed build up – including the carrier system, the material, the finish and the firebreaks – and mounting it to a 9 metre demonstration wall to test how it performs under real fire conditions.

The aim of the test is to replicate what would happen if a severe fire broke out a window in a block of flats or a story in a high rise building (above 18m).

What’s important in these tests is that the full cladding system is tested as a whole to confirm its effectiveness in slowing and controlling the spread of fire in tall buildings. For this reason, the test must assess the cavity barriers and fire stopping, the effectiveness of the construction design and the outcome of the materials specified in combination.

There is a three stage process for completing a full scale fire test with Sotech and the earlier our partners contact us, the more we’re able to help in the process.

Click the link to learn more about the process or talk to a member of our technical team for more information.







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