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We are very proud to announce the David Swithenbank in the Sotech team has raised over £500 for Cancer Research by cycling 300 miles in one month.


David, who cycled 46 miles in the final weekend to hit his goal, committed to putting himself through a personal challenge to support a team member who fell ill earlier in the year.

David said: “It’s nothing compared to what the member of our team is going through but I wanted to put myself through pain to show her we’re all behind her, willing her a full and fast recovery”.

The challenge was not without its difficulties. Early in his challenge, David crashed his bike, tumbling down a rocky edge of Helvellyn and breaking a couple of bones in his finger.

“The pain was unbelievable”, said David, who was alone on the cliff when it happened.

“I just knew I had to get back to safety before the real pain kicked in”, he added.


Undeterred by his set back, which later required surgery, David finished his miles in the gym.

“The team at Cancer Research were amazing”, David said. “When they saw I’d hurt myself, they sent me some new t-shirts to wear at the gym to raise awareness of the cause. They were astonished I finished because I could no longer grip the handlebar with that hand. But I knew I had to finish strong.”


David, who joined Sotech in 2014, kept the team member updated on his progress, sending videos of sunrises and beautiful scenes he saw on his rides.

He said: “Riding so many miles gave me the chance to really think about life and what I want to get out of it. I’m excited to take on more challenges next year, once my hand has healed!”.

David has already committed to running the TRUMPF seven annual half marathon in 2020, along with the Great North Run!

Go on David! For the team!


Want to show your support?

There are lots of ways to get involved by taking on your own challenge! Visit the Cancer Research web site for a full list of exciting challenges.

If you’d like to support David and his team member directly, please make a donation on their Just Giving page.


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