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Benefits of NBS Chorus

What is NBS Chorus?

NBS Chorus is a cloud-based platform that provides a collaborative environment for creating specifications in the manufacturing sector. Using NBS Chorus, multiple users – such as architects, manufacturers, and installers – can now work together to create, edit and finalise original project specifications.

Not only does this allow specifiers to select the most suitable products for their projects, but it creates a much more collaborative, explorative and inventive environment for creating rich, original designs using fully tested and compliant rainscreen cladding products.


WHat are the benefits of NBS Chorus?

Here are three key ways an architect or a designer can leverage NBS Chorus to enhance their own workflow, save time and create unique design intents when specifying rainscreen cladding on their building.


1. Intelligent collaboration:

Architects and designers can use NBS Chorus to collaborate directly with suppliers and manufacturers of rainscreen cladding products to ensure the right build up is being specified for the unique project. To help the decision making process, users can request product samples, request quotes, and discuss technical details or requirements.

NBS Chorus even allows construction professionals to tailor specifications to meet the specific needs of a given project or client. This means the Optima range of systems can be adapted by our expert teams to ensure that specifications are relevant and appropriate for the project at hand, rather than being overly generic or rigid.

Going a step further, users can even visualise their final build up using Sotech’s virtual reality showroom and city!


2. Detailed specifications:

NBS Chorus allows architects and designers to create detailed product specifications for their projects.

For example, the full range of Optima rainscreen cladding products is listed on NBS Source, and can be specified through NBS Chorus. Architects and designers can explore each Optima rainscreen cladding system, read the full product literature and review the full testing history and certification for each product.

When it comes to specifying rainscreen cladding products, specifiers now have more accurate, detailed and up to date information on materials, finishes and performance, as well as installation and maintenance details, than ever before!


3. Manage product information:

NBS Chorus allows architects and designers to manage product information and specifications for rainscreen cladding products in a central location. Because NBS Chorus is based on a central library of models, it minimises the risk of errors or omissions in specifications.


Sotech and NBS Chorus:

The full range of Optima rainscreen cladding products is listed on NBS Source, and can be specified through NBS Chorus. If you would like to discuss your project with one of our technical advisors before creating your unique specification call our technical line where an advisor will be happy to help.


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