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Chettles Yard Student Acc. Optima TFC Alucobond

We developed our Optima TFC rainscreen system as a cost-effective alternative to our Optima FC system and has become one of our most recommended solutions.

  • To ensure the highest quality of product and performance for your project our Optima TFC Rainscreen is a fully independently tested and accredited system to CWCT standards and fully compliant to NHBC requirements. We continue to test our systems year in, year out to maintain this standard and keep up with the latest industry developments.
  • The Optima TFC system is one of our  best value products, primarily due to its substructure.  Though the panel itself may be almost identical to that of an FC system, the flexibility and simplicity in the TFC’s economic substructure means it reduces design time, and the time it takes to arrange and install onsite. It is a great choice for a project with rigid time or budget constraints.
  • The only visible difference between the TFC and FC systems is that where the FC is created to hide the fixings and hooks of the system, the TFC uses precise manufacturing techniques to leave recesses for discreet wafer head fixings.
  • Though these fixings are visible at close range and via a direct line of sight, we can minimise the visual impact by reducing the gaps between panels from the 20mm industry standard and guaranteeing consistency of colour with the fixings and the panels to minimise the visual impact.
  • If you need a cladding system that can save time and money, the Optima TFC rainscreen is an excellent choice.
  • Solid, secure and simpler to execute all round, our Optima TFC rainscreen system is a great value solution.
  • The fact that the panels are individual rather than locked means that the inspection and resolution of any damage is much simpler to perform.

If you would like to know more about the Sotech Optima TFC Through Fix Cassette rainscreen, or discuss the possible solutions for your project, contact us on 0191 587 9213 or email

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