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Brunel Place Rainscreen Cladding ACM

Consisting of two aluminium cover sheets and a polyethylene core, Aluminium Composite Material (ACM) is a superb quality material, the properties of which are providing architects with the inspiration for a whole new range of solutions; whether your project is a residential, healthcare, sports, commercial, leisure, educational or public building, the unique elements of the ACM material offer a variety of ways to enhance your design.

Core Benefits:


  • The composite structure of ACM results in a material with low weight and high rigidity, which provides an impressive strength to weight ratio. The low weight means that it is easy to transport and handle in the factory and when installing, but the rigidity and strength of the material means that it retains its shape and extraordinary flatness, even in extreme temperature changes. This also results in a lower cost for sub-grids and fasteners, helping to ensure a project stays within any budget constraints.
  • ACM is incredibly versatile; it is available in a large variety of colours and finishes, meaning architects are less limited in terms of their creativity when designing and specifying a project. Also, because of its advanced composite structure, ACM can be worked to take on almost any shape, and is able to adapt perfectly to the contours, lines and flowing elements of a building. Despite its stability and flatness, ACM can be moulded to fit your project without losing any of its rigidity or strength.
  • Specifying ACM for your project can also reduce costs and save valuable installation time; the material is completely weatherproof, meaning it is ready to install once supplied, and the large panel sizes and fast installation of pre-fabricated panels can allow for a significant reduction in construction times, therefore lowering costs. ACM also has inherent vibration damping so that no additional sound damping is required – another way of cutting costs and saving resources.
  • Another significant advantage of using ACM is that it is fully recyclable; both the core material and the aluminium cover sheets can be completely recycled and used in the production of new materials, making it more sustainable and eco-friendly
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