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Bespoke rainscreen cladding manufacturer Sotech Limited have launched a new fully responsive, mobile ready website for architects and installers.

Based in the North East, Sotech are leading the way for the manufacturing industry in terms of digital marketing, with both our new website and strong social media presence.

The new website was designed to provide you with all the specification details you need in one place and across all devices, and to promote the wide range of systems, materials and finishes that Sotech provide in a visually engaging way.

Claire Ryan of Sotech has said that “The vision for the website was to assist architects in their decision making process, providing support and confidence to specify the most suitable system, material and finish for their scheme.”

Sotech’s new website is pushing forward the boundaries of what is digitally possible for the manufacturing industry, and also includes a detailed 3D model of the Sotech Optima FC rainscreen system, to allow you to really get a feel for the system and whether it can work for your design.

Features of the new site include a regularly updated news section with insight into rainscreen cladding and its uses, a page dedicated to inspiration for architects with images of our previous projects, downloadable PDFs with extensive information on each of our systems, and ‘Finishes’ pages that mean you can see our vast range of colours and textures all in one place, to stunning visual effect.

Architecture is evolving and advancing all the time, and Sotech wanted to create a platform for architects and installers to explore their products that is ready to adapt to these changes as well as make the specification process as informed as possible.

The development of the website has been supported by Sotech’s expert knowledge from over 30 years of experience in the cladding industry. We are a company that is committed to investing in our future, and that includes digital technology as well as new products, systems and equipment.

To find out more about Sotech Optima Rainscreen systems and talk to one of our technical experts, call us on 0191 587 9213.

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