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Designed by Keppie Architects and installed by Charles Henshaw, Aberdeen International Business Park is one of our ongoing projects that is already attracting attention from major companies.

We provided a bespoke tray panel system, adapted to meet the needs of the installer’s design, which was manufactured using specialist alloy Novelis FF2 material. The inherent strength of the material means the panels don’t require intermediate stiffeners or a large amount of support, helping to cut costs.

The large, floor-to-floor panels were finished in the unique Licht Bronce, and the grade of the material meant we had to adapt the external radius of the bends in the trays and handle the material in a specialised way in order to suit the design of the project.

The business park comprises of a number of amenities, including offices, a nursery, a convenience store, and leisure facilities, and was designed to embrace sustainability both in terms of the materials used to create it and how it functions once it is up and running. Once the development is complete, the end project will be a unique and distinctive business park, located in an elevated position that provides unrivalled views of the city.

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