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As well as offering the highest quality rainscreen cladding, Sotech is dedicated to working in partnership with our clients to ensure the specification and installation of our systems is delivered as smooth and efficient as possible.

We have developed the Sotech Learning Zone at our North East manufacturing facility as an interactive way to share our knowledge and experience. Working closely with our clients, we provide advice and solutions to their projects.

The Learning Zone was developed so the architect, contractor and end-user can visit and experience the range of systems and choice of materials, explore technical solutions to specific problems, iron out design details and see the production facility first hand.

CPD for Architects, Designers, Contractors and Installers

The Learning Zone also offers bespoke CPD seminars and innovative design workshops to designers, contractors and installers.

The aim of CPD is to educate and inform the audience on the make up, composition, and applications of Optima Rainscreen Systems along with the benefits of different materials available.   The CPD also covers a wide range of interest from manufacturing through to aesthetics.

Our CPD programme begins with an introduction to the Sotech team, and includes a factory and showroom tour.

Architects and designers can benefit from seeing the huge range of materials, finishes, colour and design options available for each Sotech Optima rainscreen cladding system, each presented in a practical and convenient way that cuts research time and provides in-depth technical details.

Our tours provide an insight into the technical solutions for specific problems, explaining design details and options, and scheduling requirements.

Specifically, installers can come and familiarise themselves with our Optima Rainscreen systems at our specially constructed training walls. Here they can try, test and handle our products before going on site.

Specifying a rainscreen cladding system is complex; factors such as panel size, strength, substructure, appearance and windload all need to be taken into consideration.  At Sotech’s Learning Zone architects and designers can explore the technical strengths and risks of different Sotech systems using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software.

We can use data gathered through our extensive research and testing to find the right solution for each project, assuring you that the system we recommend is the right one.

Sotech has invested heavily in sophisticated design and manufacturing technology.

All Sotech Optima Rainscreen Systems have been independently tested to meet CWCT rigorous specification for rainscreen cladding.

To find out more, visit our Learning Zone page here.

If you are interested in booking a CPD please contact our technical line, on or 0191 587 9213.

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