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Canary Wharf new crossrail station

If you have read our previous case study on our Crossrail Canary Wharf project, you may already be familiar with the Crossrail project and it is set to revolutionise the public transport in our capital.

Among the most significant infrastructure projects ever undertaken in the UK, the Crossrail project was created to ease congestion and improve travel times in London. There will be a total of 40 Crossrail stations across the capital, including 10 brand new stations – one of which is Canary Wharf, for which Sotech provided an Optima hook-on system and a bespoke cassette rainscreen system.

It is thought that around 200 million passengers will use the Crossrail service every year from its launch in 2018, and the project is instigating the development of a new Building Research Establishment Environment Assessment method (BREEAM) for evaluating the environmental performance of the new below ground Crossrail stations.

The transformation will not only have an impact on the transportation in London, but the property too. Canary Wharf is also one of the locations that is expected to receive a large amount of property investment, helping to enhance the area as a whole.

The Crossrail project is the first sign of an inevitable widespread effort to use architectural technology and design to maximise the efficiency and sustainability of our cities – and Sotech are a part of that.

Our work on the Crossrail project will continue into 2015, where we will be providing cladding for a number of other stations, including Liverpool London Street.

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