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corten rainscreen cladding

Corten, a material originally developed in the 1930’s by the United States Steel Corporation, was once primarily used for railway coal wagons. This new material was in high demand thanks to its inherent toughness and ability to withstand weather conditions, which are possible due to the controlled corrosion that makes Corten unique.

The features of robustness and improved resistance to corrosion that make Corten such a popular choice for specification is possible thanks to the careful manipulation of the alloying elements added to the steel during the production process, and works by reducing the carbon content of the material to therefore give it a higher capacity for carrying load.

One of the most beneficial properties of Corten is it’s high level of weather resistance. This works by the material being able to control the rate at which oxygen in the atmosphere reacts with the surface of the metal, which slows down the progress of corrosion and makes the material self-protecting. This not only have obvious benefits in regard to longevity, strength and protection against the elements, but is also economical in that it reduces the need for surface treatment costs.

The visual appearance of Corten is also something that sets it, and your design, apart from others; it is designed to reach a stable oxidation point where any further oxidation doesn’t affect the quality of the steel, and this allows the material to weather to a natural brown colour which then darkens gradually.

We are currently working on two new projects in 2.0mm Corten Steel:


Marine Wharf, Residential Project

Installer: BR Hodgson

This project is in progress, and we supplied over 2200sqm Optima FC Rainscreen in Corten A.

corten cladding


Charles Street, Sheffield University – Feature Pods

Installer: Hobury Building Supplies

This project is about to start in April, with Sotech to supply over 600sqm of Optima TFC Rainscreen in Corten A.

Specified project: Bond Bryan Architects

corten cladding


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