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We know that rainscreen cladding is used to protect a building’s exterior from weather and allow the drainage of rain, but why should you specify it over other alternatives?

Modern rainscreen cladding can provide far more than just this, with a number of benefits coming from specifying it on your project:

1.      Maintenance

Without rainscreen cladding on exterior elevations, buildings made of porous material are completely exposed to the elements and the deterioration process can occur much faster. Also, a number of our systems allow for easy removal of individual panels to allow them to be repaired or replaced if needed, meaning the condition of the overall structure can remain intact.

2.      Insulation

Rainscreen cladding is one of the most effective and least costly ways of giving full thermal insulation to a building without having to compromise on internal floor space, which is a downside of other insulation methods.

3.      Aesthetics

One of the biggest benefits of specifying rainscreen cladding is the almost limitless possibilities it provides in terms of aesthetics and making a visual impact. At Sotech, we have a huge range of materials and finishes to help realise any architect’s design intent, including corten, aluminium, zinc, copper, anodised and PPC finishes.

4.      Sustainability

As environmental factors become increasingly important to the construction industry, so too does the sustainability of rainscreen cladding. Not only does using rainscreen cladding to improve insulation mean a building needs less energy to heat it, but regeneration of a building using overcladding can also reduce materials and energy used and wasted.

5.      Versatility

The range of rainscreen cladding solutions we provide mean that whatever your design, whatever your budget, whatever your challenges, we can work with you to generate a bespoke solution within your project constraints. Our Optima range contains systems with a variety of qualities that make them ideal for different projects, whether it’s a secret fix you’re looking for (Optima FC), robustness and strength (Optima XPC) or an economical alternative (Optima TFC).

The training facility and showroom at Sotech is open to specifiers and contractors, where all of our Optima Rainscreen Systems are on display alongside the widest selection of materials and finishes, including pre and post coat aluminium, ACM, Copper, Zinc, Stainless Steel and Anodised.

Sotech has invested heavily in sophisticated design and manufacturing technology.

All Sotech Optima Rainscreen Systems have been independently tested to meet CWCT rigorous specification for rainscreen. Contact us today on 0191 587 9213 or to discuss your project.

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