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Work Opportunity Metal Façade Manufacturing Business 4

Sotech is delighted to have hosted 14 stand out engineering students at its Peterlee operations earlier this year.


The students, who are all first years studying on a Level 2 Performing Engineering Operations course at East Durham College’s Technical Academy, had the chance to develop a range of new skills over the two month work experience programme.

Work Opportunity Metal Façade Manufacturing Business

Under the supervision of Sean Young, Sotech’s health & safety officer, the students had the chance to develop new skills in All tack and MIG welding with aluminium, D and A buffing, chamfer edging and other general manufacturing and assembly techniques.

“I was very impressed with how quickly the students perfected the new manufacturing techniques”, said Young.

“The students worked really well and, to be honest, worked at a level above what I expected of first year students. They certainly exceeded my expectations.

“The students normally train with mild steel when welding at the college, so using aluminium was a whole new experience for them.

“They got to support our team on a bespoke project manufacturing some bespoke fabrications for a client of ours in Milton Keynes.

“We have been so impressed by some of the students’ performances, we are hoping there may be a couple of job opportunities for them in the future.”

Bringing on apprentices is a key part of Sotech’s recruitment strategy. As a company, Sotech has been employing apprentices since 1984 and more than half of the team once started as apprentices.

Work Opportunity Metal Façade Manufacturing Business

Ian Parnaby, a member of the college’s highly experienced engineering teaching team, added: “This was a fantastic opportunity for this group to gain some genuine new skills assisting on a bespoke fabrication project with Sotech.

“The students have shown a great attitude and the experience will certainly help enhance their CVs.

“I’d like to personally thank Tony Norton (Operations Manager), Jamie Smith (Estimator) and Sean Young for making this possible, and we look forward to developing the partnership with Sotech further in the future.”

Article adapted from news story by Peterlee Business Park.


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