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A Year of Innovation

It has been a true year of innovation at Sotech, with the introduction of the new ​Optima XTR Contour profiles​, the work we’ve been doing to create a ​virtual training lounge​ for the Optima systems (coming soon!), and the promotion of the crisp, flat edge in ​Optima Edge​. Not to mention the work we’ve been doing on sustainability, with the introduction of our first Environmental Product Declaration (more on this in the New Year!).

But one thing we’ve loved alongside our in-house innovation work has been getting out into the world.

Facades in Focus Event

I don’t think we’ll ever underestimate the power of a face-to-face meet again, nor take for granted the ability to go to events in person and host them ourselves.

Whilst Zoom, virtual and emails are powerful and freeing tools, you still can’t beat a shake of a hand, a live product demo and a conversation over croissants and coffees!

Facades in Focus Event 17

This year has seen the Sotech team out and about in a major way. We co-hosted our first ​Façades in Focus​ event in London, we exhibited in ​Zak’s World of Façades​ 137th event, and we even flew to Dubai for our first ​BIG 5 Global event​.

We also did a lot more locally. This year, our team met with Professor Nashwan Dawood at the ​Net Zero Industry Innovation Centre​, we spent the day at ​Hopewood Academy to help boost job skills​ and our Southern specification manager ​spoke live at the NBS head offices​ in Newcastle.

Our goal is to ‘get cladding on the road’, to meet inspiring new people, and to really surprise customers with what’s possible using recent façade innovations.

We’ve also had a lot more meetings on site, like the work we’ve done with ​Fronius UK to enhance our welding processes​, and the work we’ve done with NBS to make it even easier for architects and designers to specify Optima systems, right into their workflow with ​NBS Source and NBS Chorus​.

Sotech Fronius UK

And now, as another year draws to a close, and we complete our traditional Christmas jumper day for charity, we want to say an incredibly big thank you to all our suppliers, customers and our team for a phenomenal year of work, growth, innovation and adventure.

We’ll see you in 2024!

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