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Sotech and Symetri to demonstate FEM software SimSolid in upcoming webinar

We are delighted to announce that Mohammadreza Jenaban, Principal Technical Engineer at Sotech, has been invited by Symetri to co-host a webinar on the 10th May on the company’s recent adoption of the specialist FEM software SimSolid.


SimSolid is a cutting-edge simulation software that revolutionises the way engineers conceptualise and design their buildings, using advanced algorithms to provide faster and more accurate simulations of design intents.

As a leading provider of architectural façade solutions, Sotech has implemented SimSolid into their workflow to make it faster and easier to provide accurate analysis of key rainscreen structural components, allowing for increased efficiency in the specification process and reduced costs in the design and testing of new ideas.

During the webinar, the team at Sotech will share their experience of using SimSolid and explain how it has impacted the engineering and manufacturing thought processes when preparing specifications with architects and designers. They will also demonstrate how SimSolid can be used to design and analyse rainscreen façade build ups, talk through key time and money savings opportunities and show how SimSolid highlights risks and issues in the planning stages.

Symetri, a trusted reseller of SimSolid, will also be present to provide additional insights on the software and answer any questions attendees may have.

Wasim Younis, Simulation Manager at Symetri said: “Our goal at Symetri is to partner with manufacturers, architects and designers to help take advantage of new digital technology.”

Mohamad Jenaban, Principal Technical Engineer at Sotech said: “We continue to save time with SimSolid. The time saved varies by complexity of projects. On average across all projects, we’re approximately 50 percent faster”.

This webinar is perfect for architects and designers who want to learn more about the benefits of SimSolid and how it can improve their design and specification processes. Whether you’re an experienced specifier or just starting out, you won’t want to miss this informative session.

The webinar will take place at 10am on 10th May.

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