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Designed by CZWG Architects and installed by Lindner Facades and Astins Limited, Rathbone Market is an eye-catching project located in Canning Town.

A total of 2,000 sqm of aluminium polyester powder coated Sotech Optima FC rainscreen panels were used on the development, including faceted and curved panels in 5 varying shades of red and orange to create a gradient effect on the building that can be seen from across the East End.

The panels range in size from 1400mm wide to 300mm wide, and overall over 6,000sqm of anodised aluminium Optima FC rainscreen panels, each spanning 775m by 1500m, were used on various part of the projects including the feature towers and plant rooms.

Due to this being a residential project, we undertook our own testing, as well as extensive independent testing at the Vinci Technology Centre by CWCT, a leading information provider in the field of building envelopes and glazing. This was carried out in order to make sure the Optima FC system could meet all wind load requirements, and that the rainscreen performs to the highest level possible in adverse weather conditions.

Conventionally the Optima FC rainscreen system would be installed from the base of the building upwards; however, the requirement for this project was to install the panels from the top of the building downwards, enabling the scaffold to be removed as each area was completed and therefore reducing the potential for damage to the façade. To facilitate this, the FC hook system (which is manufactured in-house by Sotech) was redesigned to compensate for the fact that when under pressure, the hook is generally the weakest link in any system.

This project is ongoing, and when all phases are complete, the development will include a new market square, shops, offices, community facilities and an eco-garden with a green wall as well as the 271-apartment building shown above, bring a new lease of life to the East End of London.

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