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According to a recent research report from Grand View Research Inc, the global market for rainscreen cladding is predicted to reach $12 billion US dollars by 2022.

With the rainscreen cladding market being valued at $6.79 billion US dollars in 2014, this is a significant rate of growth and great news for manufacturers in this area.

It’s thought that the increase in demand for sustainability, energy efficient solutions and enhanced moisture management are the key drivers in the market expanding, and that the rise in spending on non-residential construction in both developed and emerging markets are having a hugely positive impact on this growth.

Other factors also include the use of overcladding on smaller residential homes to improve aesthetics and energy efficiency in general, though the high installation costs that come with modern rainscreen cladding could negatively affect the market growth.

There was a range of key findings from the Grand View Research Inc. study, one being that composite material was the leading raw material used for manufacturing rainscreen cladding in 2014, accounting for over a quarter of the total market volume.

It is unsurprising that composite material is seeing such a huge period of growth, as it’s properties make it an extremely beneficial material to specify for most projects. We provide a range of composite materials for use with our rainscreen cladding systems, including aluminium, copper and zinc, and their higher strength, durability and flexibility mean the demand for the material can only continue to grow.

With regards to sectors, offices took the majority of market volume in 2014, accounting for 29.6%, and the refurbishment of office structures is thought to increase in the coming years. The residential sector is predicted to see the biggest growth between now and 2022.

This research shows the impact which modern rainscreen cladding technology has on the buildings of today and the future. At Sotech, we invest heavily in research, development and testing of our products to ensure we keep up with industry changes.

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