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ACM, or Aluminium Composite Material, is a lightweight panel material perfectly designed to use for cladding on external walls, as well interior walls and even ceilings. Here at Sotech we specialise in bespoke ACM cladding, and we’ve put together the top 4 reasons why it is the ideal material to finish your project.

Range of finishes: No matter what vision you have for your final product, let your creativity run free because we supply ACM in a huge variety of stunning finishes, including copper, zinc, stainless steel, wood grain, marble, a mirror finish and many more other colours. Plus, because these are applied to the external faces of the panels during the manufacturing process, the decorative finish is consistent throughout, with a smooth finish across the whole surface.

Strong but light: the level of strength of ACM is similar to that of normal metals such as aluminium and steel, and this can be reproduced and reinforced through research. The key selling point of ACM is that despite its strength and reliability, it is substantially lighter than other metals. 30% lighter than standard aluminium, this saves on cost, as well as making the installation process much easier. These elements all mean that innovative new designs that might have previously seemed unattainable are now possible thanks to ACM’s versatility.

Emission efficient: Due to ACM’s brilliant ability to insulate a structure, and the fact it can be used in different thicknesses in correspondence to where a building is losing or gaining heat, using it should result in a considerable reduction in carbon emissions, saving money for the inhabitant on heating bills whilst being eco-friendly.

Weather and chemical resistant: Whereas most other metals would be corroded or eaten away by elements such as acid rain or salt spray from any nearby bodies of water, ACM’s blend of materials means it is resistant to such potential damages, obviously meaning lower costs in terms of maintenance and repairs.Get in touch today to find out how Aluminium Composite Materials could be the perfect choice for your project.

Get in touch today to find out how Aluminium Composite Materials could be the perfect choice for your project.

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