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Lumen Newcastle

Work is now complete at The LumEn in Newcastle – the brand new flagship office space, designed from the ground up to cater for the flexible demands of modern business, offers over 100,000 sq ft of Grade A offices, providing modern workspace for over 1,200 people in the science, technology and knowledge based sectors.

The Lumen, Newcastle Helix_

Bespoke column casings and feature pressings were used throughout this project. Initially designed by the Ryder architects, Sotech contributed on both a design and fabrication basis to engineer support framing and bracing. This was vital to the outcome.

Whilst the project was originally specified in ACM A2, due to the requirement for tight folds and sharp finishing, the client requested this was changed to solid aluminium at the outset. However, the details could not change at that stage and so advanced fabrication techniques by Sotech ensured the finish was not compromised.

Colour and tone have been introduced to give the building richness and depth. The earthy copper tone of the building catches the sunlight, changing its look and feel throughout the day. Sotech worked closely with Axalta and other supply chain partners to develop a bespoke paint formulation for the project.

The Lumen-Newcastle Helix

The project provides a dramatic addition to the skyline of Newcastle that also includes The View Student Accommodation, Downing Plaza where Sotech supplied over 2000sqm of Optima TFC in a 70% gloss PPC finish in 7 varying shades of blue and The Core, Science Central which included a bespoke version of our Optima FC Rainscreen anodised in Regency Gold 2.

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