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We provide rainscreen cladding in such a wide range of materials and finishes, that it can often be a difficult decision to know which is best to specify for your project.

By choosing Zinc Composite Material, you can add a number of advantages to your project.

  • One of the most unique features of Zinc Composite Material is that it uses the effect of air and the elements to enhance it’s finish; available in a natural blue grey, as well as numerous other shades, ZCM’s pre-weathered finish means that it matures over time as it’s exposed to the outside, and the natural patina that develops means that scratches and imperfections are virtually unnoticeable.
  • Zinc Composite Material is an extremely environmentally friendly choice for your project; it’s a completely non-corrosive product which provides 100% clear water runoff, so if you’re looking to design a building with eco-friendly features, ZCM could be the ideal specification.
  • The chemical structure of composite materials means that they are much less likely to be warped, damaged or broken up, even under extremely stressful conditions, making them a safe and reliable choice.
  • Composite materials also provide an extraordinary level of design flexibility, as their malleable structure allows them to be moulded into complex shapes and styles; if your design is breaking boundaries, ZCM and other composite materials could be what you need to make it come to life.
  • The surface only requires minor cleaning and maintenance over its lifetime.
  • ZCM is available for use with a range of our Optima rainscreen cladding systems, including our FC Secret Fix and TFC Through Fix Cassette systems.

To discuss whether Zinc Composite Material is the right material to specify for your project, call 019 587 9213 or email to speak to one of our team of technical experts.

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