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Air Traffic Control Room by Tex ATC

Anodising is an electrolytic passivation process used to increase the thickness of the natural oxide layer on the surface of metal parts. That’s what made anodised aluminium the perfect choice in the construction of Oman Air Traffic Control Tower in Oman, where the harsh environment and atmospheric particles can be damaging to regular metals.

Optima TFC & Specialist Pressings in 3.0mm Aluminium J57S Grade, Anodised Anolok 541 were selected for the new air traffic control tower to provide superior durability. The outcome of this particular combination has been a pristine finish with an almost secret fix solution requiring minimal ongoing maintenance. This has met both the installers tolerance needs and the client’s vision of a neat and crisp modular system.


Due to the nature of the anodising process and the tight quality controls on both the aluminium and the surface treatment, anodising has a homogeneous (matching & consistent) appearance.
Colours, textures and patterns can be incorporated in the anodic film, enhancing the natural metallic appearance without affecting the total UV resistance of the rainscreen cladding.
Anodising enhances the natural qualities of aluminium further; it permits a strongly contemporary finish with incomparable corrosion and abrasion resistance.
Aluminium is exceptionally recyclable, requires minimal maintenance and has proven lifetime performance.

Air Traffic Control Room by Tex ATC copyright Tex ATC 3

Sotech worked closely with Tex ATC, the team who designed the air traffic control room and subsequently installed the rainscreen cladding panels, in order to develop the complex geometric shapes that follow the curved shape of the Visual Control Room. 3D developments were used to ensure absolute accuracy before the panels left the UK and began their journey to the Middle East.

Air Traffic Control Room by Tex ATC copyright Tex ATC 6

This is a fine example of how close collaboration between the installer and the manufacture is key to a successful project.

A special thank you to Tex ATC for providing the photos above.



Project name: Oman ATC

Location: Oman

Sector: MOD

Installer: Tex ATC Ltd

Architect: Gulf Engineering Consultancy

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