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  • Panda - Sheffield's New Era Square
  • Sheffields New Era Square - Panda
  • New Era Square Sheffield
  • New Era Square Sheffield
  • New Era Square Sheffield
  • New Era Square Sheffield
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  • New Era Square Sheffield
  • New Era Square Sheffield
  • New Era Square Sheffield
  • New Era Square Sheffield
  • New Era Square Sheffield
  • New Era Square Sheffield

About This Project

New Era Square


5500/m2 of Optima TFC in solid Aluminium PPC and around 1000m2 of 2.0mm Aluminium 1050 Grade & 3.0mm Aluminium 1050 Grade have been used in the construction of Sheffield’s New Era Square, a £66 million residential development.



Set to be the city’s major new urban destination, New Era Square has been completed in two stages and consists of quality office space, apartments, a contemporary restaurant and retail units, and an 83-space underground car park.


As you can see from the project photos, a combination of green and grey shades has been used on the building. The intention was to create an effect that looked like the edge of glass. Most glass contains iron oxide as an impurity which gives the glass a slightly green hue, hence the colour selection.  The colours selected were Axalta Ral: 5018, 5021 and 5020 with 85% gloss to give a reflective appearance.


Axalta Ral with Gloss


And Interpon YW216G, YW355F and YW359F (part of the Interpon D2525 texture range) with a sand-blasted appearance.


Interpron D2525 texture range 2


Sotech was able to advise on the colour palette for the tower, set to be the joint fifth tallest in Sheffield.


Sheffields New Era Square 2


The project attracted several multi-million-pound investors from China. To complete the project, a giant panda sculpture has been mounted on the rooftop corner.


Sheffields New Era Square


The panda, a creation of David Wei of Hatch Architects (a UK-qualified architect renowned for producing visually inspiring art works for flagship Chinese developments), is a symbol of friendship and peace in Chinese culture. The four-metre installation is now visible to the public when approaching from the city centre or on the ring road.


Sheffields New Era Square - Panda

Panda - Sheffield's New Era Square


Quoted on the New Era Development web site, Bowmer + Kirkland’s Regional Director, Christian Parnell, commented: “The New Era Square scheme has been a major project for us since we started on site in November 2015. I’d like to think that the entire project team, including our client, have become friends and it is fitting, therefore, that the final part of the scheme is to lift the panda, symbol of friendship, onto the roof of the building. It has been a privilege to be involved with this development.”


The project signifies a huge boost in recent investment from China into the Sheffield City Region.





Location: Sheffield

Installer: Keyclad Ltd

Main Contractor: Bowmer & Kirkland

Architect: Hadfield Cawkwell Davidson Ltd

SystemOptima TFC

MaterialSolid Aluminium

Finish: Axalta Ral: 5018, 5021 and 5020, Interpon YW216G, YW355F, YW359F

Sector: Residential, Student Accommodation








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