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Ashley Road East London Sotech

Sotech, alongside CCS Facades, is delighted to announce that One Ashley Road in London has been shortlisted in the 2023 Façades Awards for Best Use of a Rainscreen System Using Aluminium.

Ashley Road East London Sotech

Ashley Road East London Sotech

Over 4000sqm of Optima TFC+ in 3mm Aluminium polyester powder coating was used in the project, with 5.0mm aluminium selected for column at the entrance to offer a more rigid panel face.

Ashley Road East London Sotech-02

The Optima TFC+ system was selected by Sotech, CCS Façades and the client design team in collaboration as it could be adapted to suit the unique geometry of the architect’s vision.

Taking inspiration from The Eagle Pencil Co (later taken over by Berol), which operated in the area, the building’s geometry follows the hexagonal shape of a pencil. The hexagonal style of the building meant adaptations were required to manufacture and install the unique pattern and shapes of both the ground floor soffits and the perforated panels.

Ashley Road East London Sotech

Ashley Road East London Sotech-02

3D models were created by the Sotech team to perfect the final panels before manufacture.

3D Model 1

Sotech’s Principal Technical Engineer, Mohammadreza Jenaban (Mo), who ran number of specific computer simulation analyses on various panel types before manufacture, commended the collaboration between Sotech and CSS Façades. He highlighted the work that went into producing 3D models to perfect the final panels before manufacture, which save huge amounts of time and money and ensured the installation process on site went smoothly.

Amy Burns, 3D Model Coordinator at Sotech, highlighted the detailed manufacturing schedules and 3D assemblies of each area of the building. This in depth planning allowed CCS Façades to check and approve panels before they were manufactured and also ensured timely delivery and installation at every stage.

The awards will be announced 3rd November.



Amy Burns, 3D Model Coordinator at Sotech, noted: “Having weekly meetings with CCS Façades, Design and the site team was a great way of highlighting any issues and ensuring the design and install went smoothly.

“After 3 years of working on this project it’s great to see the finished building in reality! I look forward to working with Ian Gibbs, Ian Sessions, Ryan Sutherland, George Robbins and the CCS Façades team on future projects.”

As Alison Brooks Architects explained on their company web site:

“With a rich orange brick outer skin and a faceted metal courtyard façade, our design employs the graphic colours and hexagonal forms of the iconic Berol Eagle Pencil. These have been translated formally as abstract surface patterns within the architecture of the building, gathering and reflecting light into its heart.”


Josh Stevens, Estimator at Sotech added:

“It has been a pleasure working closely with CCS Façades on this project throughout. They are a very professional team, and I think we’ve helped develop our relationship moving forward on future projects.”

One Ashley Road is a striking addition to the Tottenham skyline. It includes residential accommodation, co-working spaces, and a south-facing communal roof garden.

Ian Gibbs, CCS Contracts Manger added:

“Having worked closely with Sotech on this technically challenging project for 18 months from inception to delivery of the panels, the 3D design and collaborative sign off process proved invaluable to ensure each bespoke panel went together seamlessly. It was a pleasure to work with Sotech throughout the project and as a business we are already working on the next project together and looking forward to many more successful projects with Sotech in the near future”.

Phil Fisk, UK & Ireland Sales Manager at Axalta Coating Systems said:

“I love the contrast of brightness and shade created by the use of the intense Gold of Alesta Supranodic Halo, juxtaposed with the more subtle Grey of Alesta Supranodic Mink.”


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