Rigidized Stainless Steel Rainscreen Cladding

Patters are produced by texturing or rigidizing ferrous and non-ferrous metals, increasing strength in all directions.


Material is upto 75% stronger than ordinary sheet metal.

Textres difuse light patterns to produce an optical flatness to sheet metals, eliminating the unwanted oil-canning effect

Deep textured metals resist dents and scratches resulting in low maintenance costs

Material guarantees for our range of aluminium cladding and aluminium façades are available upon request.


Hilighted Stainless
Galvanised Stainless
Etched Stainless
Satin Stainless
BA Stainless

Case Studies

Testing / Warranty

Sotech’s commitment to authentic engineering capability has been witnessed over several years in the testing of products as they are being developed.


From the earliest designs of the Sotech Optima solid aluminium cassette rainscreen system, Optima TFC, tested at BRE, Garston for wind serviceability and safety, air permeability and water penetration for Erie Basin, Manchester project.

Testing timeline graphic

All certificates are available on request.

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If you require advice with design detail, assistance with a specification or to discuss your project in detail contact our technical department who have over 35 years experience in the construction industry. The team is on hand to provide knowledge and support at every stage of your project.